Nancy M. Patrick

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About Me

Art is a realm where imagination and reality collide to produce a unique representation of myself. I’m an artist in Springfield, VA, born on Staten Island, NY, expressing myself since childhood through various media – painting, oil and acrylic, arts & crafts, pen and ink, oil pastels, charcoal, teaching…
I’ve loved art since is I was a child. Whether it was making doll clothes out of tissues or coloring and drawing, I was totally immersed. Because of this early start, art became integrated into everything I did, holding arts and craft groups on a cruise ship, teaching, giving talks on art, painting classes at a local art store, even branching out into photography and video production.
A visual person, I have always loved the vibrant colors of nature which inspire my art. I take thousands of photos a year each with the potential to inspire a piece of art. A simple view or memory can be claimed, moments in time to share by transforming then into tangible visions.These photos save the visual memories of nature that are the building blocks for my paintings while claiming the journey, the story, the vision and that moment in time as my own! Nature, imagination and reality inspire my art, and may lead me on journeys to another time and place.

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