McLean Art Society

Personal Gallery

As a benefit of membership in the McLean Art Society, each artist may host their personal gallery on the Society’s website.  The Home page, in the center column, lists all artists with a personal gallery.  A simple click on the artists name takes the visitor to the gallery.

Visitors seeking artists that use a specific medium or have a particular style may also use the search capabilities listed in the left column on the Home page.  This search capability filters out the artists and facilitates the connection between visitor and artist.

The website team collaborates with you in the creation of your gallery.  The starting point is the Portfolio Info form activated by the first button to the right.  This form establishes your art form, medium, style and subject matter…all elements for the search engines.  It also provides the website team a representative sample of your work and a favorite photo of yourself.

The second step is to use the Art Upload form which establishes the title and description of a single art piece and an image of that art piece.  Up to five may be uploaded at one time and the form may be used over and over to upload more.

The website team will use the information to create your personal gallery and then continue to collaborate with you to tailor it to your needs and new art as it comes over the years.