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By uploading your artwork you are granting the McLean Art Society permission to display this art on the MAS website and in the MAS Newsletter. Your email will not be displayed without your permission.

Your Portfolio

Each member of the McLean Art Society may elect to display their art on this website.  The portfolio starts with your name at the top and a gallery of all the paintings / images you would like displayed.  If the visitor clicks on any of the paintings, the whole gallery opens in a full-screen view of the paintings, one at a time.

To the right of the gallery is a dual-storyboard about you.  The board opens with your story about your art, how you started, your training, what you like, where you display, and the like.  When the visitor clicks the toggle button at the top of the storyboard, the board opens your biography which is a more business-like, formal CV for you.

Below the storyboard is a contact form the visitor can use to send you an email.  They fill out the form, state their question, and click on SUBMIT.  You get the email immediately and can choose how you wish to respond.  The visitor does not see or have access to your email unless you give it to them.

When finished, the whole page appears together.  It is YOUR page and and be further customized with the many other features available to us.

A unique benefit of membership!