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Your Portfolio

Each member of the McLean Art Society may elect to display their art on this website.  The form to the left gives us the information needed to add you to the directory of artists where visitors may search for artwork by classifications.

The image you select to upload using the form to the left will appear in a grid with other member artists.  Your name appears under your selected image of your art.  The classifications you select will appear under your name.

The visitor may filter the grid by selecting one of the classifications.

The grid opens showing all artists.  By selecting a classification, the grid reappears showing only those artists that have included that specification on the form to the left.

When the visitor clicks on an image in the grid, the artists portfolio page appears.  This page starts from a template, but exists as a physical page on the website.  Therefore, it may be further customized to include the content, widgits, blogs, color, sizing and such to make it be what the you want it to be.  It can also just be a link that activates the artist’s external personal website.  


A unique benefit of membership!