Lawrence Danforth

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About Me

I finally took the leap to painting in oils for the first time in May of 2020. After painting a hundred trees I did Mountain Lake shown here with the blue sky and lake and a white, snow covered mountain.

It took 5 days with multiple scraping off the paint and starting over but it was worth it. Lesson learned? Don't try to make it look like a photograph...let the viewer's mind's eye connect the elements!

Come join in the fun…oil painting is very forgiving and workable for days.

Lawrence Danforth is an experienced software developer. A graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and the Naval Postgraduate School with honors, he has also taught graduate level computer science and mathematics on a full-time basis. At the Naval Personnel Command he was responsible for the application development of the Military Pay, Navy, Appropriation Accounting System and the classified Navy Military Manpower Planning System.

At the Department of the Interior, Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service, he was responsible for the development of the Land & Water Conservation Fund Accounting System used for all land acquisition by the Federal Government for Civil purposes. At HCRS he was the Director of Administration with a $1.1 billion annual budget.

At the Department of the Treasury he oversaw the computer planning and acquisition policies of all Bureaus of the Department. As the Director of Data Systems at the US Customs Service, he was responsible for the commercial processing computer center, the Automated Commercial System and the Treasury Enforcement Communications System.

Larry is a founding officer of JL Systems. He is the system architect of NOAH and as President, he oversees the planning, marketing and administration of JL Systems.

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