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Our Artist’s Portfolios

Renee Alberts

Ken Beerbohm

Jane McElvany Coonce

Lawrence Danforth

Hanna Emrich

David Euler

Ray Goodrow

Anna Katalkina

Judith Landry

Yvonne Leung

Lori Lisiecki

Ginnie Luster

Olga Castañeda Martin

Mary-Jeanne Reid Martz

Gertrud Mohr-Friedrich

Diane Moran

Pamela Palco

Michael Potashnik

Dipali Rabadiya

Shams Sherwani

Alex Tolstoy

Asmita Upadhyay

Carol Waite


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Plan your visit to an art show or a special event for art lovers.  Something is always going on at the McLean Art Society to share in our skills, works, and love of art.


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